TAVI Cases

78 years old Male patient admitted in February 2012 with severe aortic stenosis and severe systolic dysfunction with EF at 20%. At that time he underwent an emergency valvotomy having good results. Then in March 2012 he underwent an implantation of ostial medicated stent angioplasty to the Right Coronary Artery and a medicated balloon angioplasty on distal segmentation. The ejection fraction had already improved to 40%. In June this year an Edwards Sapien Transcatheter Aortic Valve of 23mm was implanted with satisfactory results and the patient was released at 72 hours. Currently he has with good clinical evolution and is cardiovascular asymptomatic. Having EF at 60%, with recent echocardiographic monitoring demonstrates proper functioning aortic valve.

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Together, we will take care of your health.

Together, we will take care of your health.